Friday, May 08, 2009

Why I haven't been here

I'm without my computer this week and working with our laptop that Dark Garden revived from the dead.

Until I can dig up the camera software, I can't download photos and it seems everything I want to talk about requires a visual. I haven't figured out how to access our "network," so I can't even use my old photos, nor do I have any of my bookmarks.

The laptop is rather cumbersome to work with. You put the cursor somewhere to start typing and, with no warning, it will jump somewhere else; or it will lag behind and you're well into a sentence and it's just not showing up. So you start over and all of a sudden it shows up along with what you just retyped.

At least Pandora works off the laptop and that's what I've been doing: sewing a skirt I can't show you and knitting a lace scarf I can't show you while listening to 70-year-old music. It goes with my coffee pot.

1 comment:

Darkgarden said...

AHHH!!! Bring that sum-beetch with you Sunday. Maybe I can shut the finger pad down if that's doing it, or the finger cursor button, if it has one of those. Those always go bad.

Can't help you w. that crazy-ass network you have though.