Saturday, May 02, 2009

More bird geekery

Out of the corner of my eye I saw him and thought, "A bluebird!"

No. But an Indigo Bunting is just as pretty, huh? The feeder had been emptied by the earlier birds (we're normally cleaned out by noon), so I hope he comes back even though he didn't get food today.


jagosaurus said...

I do love an Indigo Bunting.

I just saw bird...that isn't a cardinal but has a beak like a grosbeak. Probably is a grosbeak of some kind.

Leslie Shelor said...

Great photos! Hope he comes back, too! (I still hate Sears)

Sisiggy said...

Jag: Tanager? House or Purple Finch?
I know. I drive everyone crazy. The kids get annoyed and Dark Garden thinks up rude names for them.

Leslie: It looks like he was just a migrator. sigh(Ya gotta wonder how it is they're still in business. There are as many Sears horror stories as there are Wal Mart stories, only Sears isn't selling cheap junk...)

Leslie Shelor said...

No, Sears is just selling expensive junk. My new refrigerator is here, lovely, working and delivered by a fellow who could find his way out of a paper bag!

Leslie Shelor said...

P. S. The refrigerator above was NOT purchased at Sears!