Sunday, December 31, 2006

If anyone is still out there...

I’m sneaking back meekly, because I promise myself I’m going to be better about posting and then … well, ya know.

Fact is, Chris Nolan, my editor at Spot-On, has given me a week off and has kindly cut my postings this year back to once a week. She explained this as, “You’re writing too much,” which was a polite way of saying what I already knew, “Half your postings really stink.” She is also allowing me to “unpublish” whatever I don’t like. And then she gave me a raise.

I’ve died and gone to employee heaven.

The news is – and please don’t ask me how this works because I won’t know until it happens – that my weekly Spot-On stuff will be appearing on MSN. It will still be on Spot-On because I am, of course, spot on, but less spot on than most of the other really smart writers on Spot-On, who write about the economy and healthcare and politics while I tackle such cutting edge issues as dog vomit on the rug and my psycho family. I’m sort of their “special” child they bring out when company comes, knowing the company is too polite to be annoyed.

Anyway, I’m taking this time to try to get back in touch with Linguini, though I think when I switched to the new Blogger, it dropped off a lot of peoples’ feeds. I’m going to also trying to visit some of your blogs again like I used to before the keyboard became a huge hungry monster threatening to eat my brain if I didn’t come up with something pithy and clever twice a week.

Linguini may change its nature and become more of a journal than a commentary on general topics (I guess it’s been heading that way for awhile now anyway).

For the record, we had a lovely holiday and will be having an extremely quiet New Year’s Eve because, quite frankly, I am worn out. I only achieved half of what I wanted during the season, so I do apologize for not mailing Christmas cards and not creating that entire Dickensian winter scene from scratch.

Well, there’s always next year…