Sunday, May 10, 2009

An Heir of Elegance

There's are numerous "lasts" this season. From my standpoint my last child is now no longer a child, we attended our last academic achievement banquet, watched his last band concert, and, last night, saw him off to his senior prom.

Heir 2 has had to good sense to wind up his high school years with the same choice in girlfriend as he started out with (At left, their first Homecoming dance back in 2005). They'll be attending Roanoke College together in the fall.

But last night is was all about the prom and how wonderful Heir 2 thought he looked, at which point we reminded him that once Caisee walked in, no one was going to be looking at him.

I ask you: Is anyone looking at Heir 2 in these pictures?

One thing I particularly love about Caisee is that she is a good sport, which is kind of important here in Linguiniland. You just never know what sort of embarrassment we've conjured up simply so we can laugh like idiots.

I would remind you, she once agreed to pose with the unidentified cucuzza.

And what mother wouldn't love a girl that makes her son this happy?


Leslie Shelor said...

They are a lovely couple and you can tell by her smile she's a good sport!

Sisiggy said...

Leslie: She's stuck it out this long, so she must be.