Monday, April 20, 2009

Auntie Tam

Yup. Another battlefield tour in another Civil War battlefield.

45 minutes at the Smelly Visitors' Center

I will say, of all the battlefields (and I do mean all) I've toured, Antietam is the hardest to get through, mostly because the land is so vastly different from the way it was back in the 19th century. There are whole forests that are no longer there (cleverly labeled, like they're saying, "Pretend there's a bunch of trees here. Now pretend that you are standing on a rise in the topography that isn't there anymore. Now pretend that when you face east there isn't a honkin' big war memorial blocking your view...")

Corn-dog Jackson
"There he stands, like a Corn Dog."

But I can't 'splain it any better than Darkgarden:

My favorite part of the day: At the Irish Pub (serving Guiness on tap!)


Darkgarden said...

I agree... Makers Mark splashed over ice and Guiness... Hells YES!!!

The food was ok too.

(My lamb was overdone and dry.

I just made up my mind that I would say nothing to aggravate everyone this time out, which has come to be expected whenever I shadow the doorway of an eatery. Since we're not there now... I can gripe!)


Sisiggy said...

Next time, just order rare. Mine was medium and I ordered rare. People don't believe you when you order rare and I'm never going to send food back, because I know what they're going to do with it...

Darkgarden said...

...and he looked like he'd pull a switch-blade knife on you if you did send anything back.

Wonder if his name was Rrrrramone.

Leslie Shelor said...

Any day that ends in an Irish pup can't be all bad!