Thursday, April 23, 2009

Busy work

Spring has finally arrived around here, bringing with it the usual spurt of energy. What this means is, I get lots of ideas which I dump onto Dirtman to manifest.

April 15 was the date that Wildbird Unlimited said the hummingbirds would be migrating into this area, so the feeders needed to be put out. We missed seeing them last year, but we had neither the means nor the inclination at the time (yes, it's been a year). So Dirtman came up with this:

The peonies should eventually spread, grow and hide the PVCishness. Think of it as recycled sculpture...

We planted herbs this weekend -- basil, oregano, parsley, mint (julep!) -- but I'd held back on rosemary. I'd read a book (it was fiction, so who knows...) recently that described a rosemary tree. Apparently, given time, it will grow to be a kind of tree or bush. But any kind of tree or bush that we own has to be portable and, frankly, if I wait much longer to plant rosemary, I won't live to see it reach the bush stage. Thank goodness someone had the foresight last year to throw the large flowerpots onto the moving truck (since, at the time, I was of the mindset that gardening was another of those things that I had lost my privilege to do).

We've placed this not far from the seating area I wanted on the side of the house, facing the bird feeder. With all due respect to the patio out back, it's hard to sit out there on summer afternoons with no shade. So now I'll have the patio for mornings and the side yard for the afternoon. All I need now, Dark Garden, is a laptop so I can work out there. (Because Dirtman discovered Hula and it's hard writing anything when cheesey 70s drama shows are blasting on the other side of the desk.)

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Darkgarden said...

Its the Birds Of Justice pole!