Thursday, April 16, 2009


Heir 1: Did you see where those pirates are complaining about being shot at?

Me: Yeah, that idiot Limbaugh was complaining about that too. He said they were just teenagers who were about to give up.

Heir 1: They were pirates. It doesn't matter how old they were. When you're a pirate, you have to expect to be shot at. That's why a pirate who is alive is so awesome!

Me: (nodding)

Heir 1: I don't know. They just didn't seem like real pirates to me.

Me: Was it the lack of a parrot? Or perhaps the lack of an eye patch?

Heir 1: (shrugs) They were too young, I guess for an eye patch. You have to earn an eye patch.

Me: Like the Cub Scouts?

Heir 1: Yeah!

1 comment:

Darkgarden said...

You gotta view the Pirate South Park! ROFL!! I think timing just happened to work out in this case. The timing of it makes it.