Thursday, March 19, 2009

The AIG Hearings Drama Awards

And the award for Best Posturing of Outrage in Order to Get Plenty of Sound Bytes to be Played In His/Her Home State goes to:

(drum role)

Rep. Stephen Lynch of Massachusetts!!!!

Rep. Lynch delivered a loud, obnoxious diatribe accusing AIG CEO Edward Liddy of every offense ever committed since The Flood, stopping only briefly to ask a requisite question ("Have you anything to say for yourself, Sir?"). Liddy calmly explained that he did the government a favor in taking on the crippled company back in the fall and hadn't been the one the to bring it to its knees or manifest the contracts giving the ones who did lavish bonuses; at which point Lynch launched into a reiteration of what he'd said before as though he hadn't heard a word of what Liddy had said.

Out of context and with Liddy's reminder edited out, Lynch sounds like a Defender of the People. In context, he sounds like an idiot*.

*With apologies to those who may have voted for Rep. Lynch. He may be a wonderful representative in many other ways. I merely speak of his behavior at the hearings.


jagosaurus said...

Yes, I have to say that this is absolutely ridiculous. Liddy comes across well, particularly in the face of the hysterical outrage currently on display.

Sisiggy said...

And that the poor guy was yanked out of retirement to put up with all this...for one dollar a year...