Sunday, December 14, 2008

Wanted: One Two Bluebirds of Happiness

Every now and then the universe aligns itself with me. This is a rare occurrence that I believe resulted in my meeting Dirtman and receiving the Heirs as sons.

Another happy result of this once-in-a-blue-moon kismet is that when it is happening, if I wish for something, I get it.

So, during one of these serendipitous events I said, "I wish I had a bluebird house," knowing that even if I was able to go on line and figure out a way to make one, I didn't have the tools or scrap to make it out of nor the money to purchase it.

Readers of this blog know of my infatuation with birds in general but, more specifically, of my obsession with luring a bluebird family to my vicinity. I don't know why this is, I just do. I love the color of bluebirds and I find them...mmmm...I don't know...comforting.

I never really got to enjoy last year's bluebirds (I link this again for any newcomers. The rest of you are probably sick to death of this post. It's just my way of keeping it real.) and it looked like I was going to lose out this year also.

Fortunately, I have a woodworking father-in-law who took time out to not only build me one bluebird house, but two. And they're so adorable that I want to move into them.

Dirtman got them up in time so that maybe they'll be inhabited this year. I was going to decoratively paint the white one, but it was more important to get it up and un-human-smelling before it's time for the bluebirds to start scouting for nesting sites.


John said...

Better a Bluebird of Happiness than the Bird of Paradise (see'll have to forgive the video...this one had the best sound quality)

John said...

besides, my wife would be right there with you, only she'd be giggling like a kid at Christmas to see them!

Sisiggy said...

I have a confession to make: I have actually seen Little Jimmy Dickens in person. My husband always wanted to go to the Grand Ol' Opry and he had taken my sons and me along on a business trip to Nashville. Apparently, in country music, they make you a member of the Opry so you'll always be able to perform -- no matter what you sound like. Anyway, the boys and I ended up coming down with the flu once we got there but, since it was Dirtman's dream, we went to the Opry anyway. My sons fell asleep and I was in a haze, but I distinctly remember hearing him introduced and my kids moaning. And then some really good backup musicians trying their hardest to make all these people who had lost their voices sound good.
This was one of his performance pieces. Perhaps I would have kinder memories if I hadn't been running a temperature of 102 degrees...

(So you know what it's like to live with a bird geek!)

Leslie Shelor said...

Gee...I didn't know that other people immediately became ill the minute they hit Nashville....thought it was just my brother....(I won't go there about your knocking Little Jimmy Dickens, but...shhh! he never COULD sing)