Sunday, December 07, 2008

My "Pony"*

See? This is what I mean by "just in time."

There I was yesterday, tottering on the brink of despair and then this:

Snow (which the lovely Zsa Zsa is demonstrating).

Okay, not a lot of it, but I remain hopeful (Yeah. I do. Still. I just won't learn...).

Please ignore the eye-rolling and gagging coming from certain readers of this blog.

*For explanation, see previous post.

Such a good girl!


Gwynne said...

Such a good girl, indeed. Beautiful too.

But why did it only snow in that one little patch of grass? Not to be the pessimistic, whiny one, but still...where is all the f'ing snow? 8-}

Leslie Shelor said...

I've got a little patch of snow out here, too, and I'd be just as thrilled if there were lots more. It would make it seem warmer here, somehow.

John said...

I don't want it until just before Christmas...just soon enough that we know Christmas will be white. Until then, my tires aren't as good as I will like for snow driving.

I will hope for snow for you.

Sisiggy said...

Gwynne: Major wind. That's not a patch of snow there -- it's a snow drift...don't laugh at our pitiful snow! (It's my only complaint about Virginia.)

Leslie: Yeah, I know. It look so bare and frozen without snow...)

John: I think that happened around here once (since I moved here 25 years ago). It's rare to get any accumulating snow before January -- in this county. Two counties down it gets and stays cold enough to have a maple syrup festival. Go figure...