Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Putting on Heirs (get it -- it's a pun: heir, air...)

We are enduring a whole lot of "lasts" this year. This is Heir 2 and Caisee's last Homecoming dance. Heir 1 and Tory will still have one more next year.

Fortunately, Heir 1 had the presence of mind to grab his brother and preserve this moment for me.

Charley, Tory, Caisee, Joe

And, thanks to the girls' respective families, I have these also.

Joe and Caisee
(Caisee has the absolute best posture of anyone I know. And no one wears clothes like she does!)

Tory and Charley
(Did Tory not -- once again -- pick the most flattering color?

See why I love Tory so much? She loves my animals -- Heir 1 included...

Tory and Whiskers

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