Thursday, October 09, 2008

That's Madame Trash Heap, to you

Heir 1 (on his way out to work, observing me watering my houseplants out of a milk jug): Not another re-purposed milk jug.

Me: It's just the right size and I haven't seen my indoor watering can since we moved.

Heir 1: One of these day I'm going to come home and find you wearing a milk jug as a hat. You'd decorate it with dried out weeds from the yard and old vegetables from the refrigerator.

Me: That's ridiculous. I don't wear hats.

Heir 1: You would, just to use the milk jug. Then we'll call you Marjory the Trash Heap.

Me: Nonsense. My Yiddish accent is lousy.


Trasherati said...

I'm sending you all my empty milk jugs. You'll show them...

Dark Garden said...

I always wanted to live in Fraggle Rock.