Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Chicken Soup for the Linguini Soul

Last week was a rough week. We were due for some comfort and due for some good news.

We got both.

Heir 2 got his first college acceptance letter to a college he is pretty positive will offer him a free ride. The other places courting him don't have strong math/computer departments, but he's sort of hearing a lot from...Yale. But I'm sure a free ride to Yale will require a more pathetic story than we can conjure and, frankly, it's not worth it to me to become even more pathetic so Heir 2 can go to Yale. But it's nice to be asked.

For comfort, I made a pot of chicken soup and a batch of biscuits.

And, of course, apple crisp -- which Heir 1 considers his personal apple crisp that he allows everyone else to have a little of. He ate the last of this for breakfast.

Editor's Note: While we acknowledge Heir 2's intelligence and desirability to institutes of higher learning, we must also sadly agree his brilliance does not extend to his wardrobe. Yes, his shirt is on inside out. In all fairness, we had just called him out of the shower to dinner and he was in a hurry because he needed to be finished by the time his girlfriend came over. Yes, he's very smart. But he's also very much a teenage guy.

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