Friday, July 18, 2008

The Dynamic Duo

An interesting dynamic has developed between Zsa Zsa and Topper since we’ve moved here.

Zsa Zsa has decided she’s the boss of Topper.

Formerly there was a subtle collusion between the two in that Zsa Zsa would make Topper do her dirty work for her, usually involving knocking food off the counter.

Lately, though, Zsa Zsa has taken it upon herself to soundly trounce Topper every time she perceives he is breaking a rule. So, when Topper barks at the fence, Zsa Zsa pounces on him and scolds. If Topper chases the puppies, Zsa Zsa pounces
on him and scolds. If Topper gets too excitable when company comes Zsa Zsa pounces on him, scolds and then moves in to be greeted instead as “The Good Family Dog.”

She thinks she’s being helpful and actually is. But it comes across to the casual observer as a chaotic scene of dogs jumping everywhere, when, in fact, it is Topper being enthusiastic and Zsa Zsa jumping on him and Topper jumping away from her.

Then there is her bark, which in and of itself is not so bad since somewhere along the line she had been de-barked, but the half-hearted little “oof” sets everyone else to barking (canine) resulting in some of the humans yelling, which they insist is the Cesar Milan version of “speaking in a calm, assertive manner LOUDLY.” (Just as an aside: dog people who insist that they never yell at their dog are usually the ones who yell the most and don’t even realize it. Just an observation. I will admit that when I see Salt sitting on my keyboard drinking my coffee, I YELL.)



Gwynne said...

It's funny how the Alpha Dogs seize control and the others allow it to happen. We call ours Alfalfa Boy now that he's lost control in his old age. ;-)

I like your new playlist...we have a lot of common music taste.

Leslie Shelor said...

Lily has always been the boss of whatever other dog, cat, human, chicken, bunny, cockatiel that lives here.....if she doesn't think TJ moves fast enough when we tell him to do something she is ON it!

Leslie Shelor said...

P. S. Love the music!