Saturday, July 19, 2008

Men at Work

Here is the usual formula: Dirtman can work alone. Heir 1 can work alone. Heir 2 can work alone. Dirtman can work side by side with Heir 1 or Heir 2. Heir 1 and 2, when properly motivated, can work side by side with each other.

But never – in 19 years – have all three of them worked together.
I cannot tell you how amazed I am that, first of all, all three of them are at home at the same time and, secondly, they aren’t too busy weighing each item they are carting to the fence to make sure no one is carrying more than the other or for a longer time.

And it took the terriers to do it: a simple fence is all that is required to contain four Australian Shepherds, but the Parson Russell Terriers require more obstacles than a maximum security prison. Just when you think they are safely fenced, all of a sudden you realize they are barking their version of “nanny, nanny, boo, boo” on the other side.

And we all know about the particular temptations that ‘Pode can’t seem to resist: meaning, chasing anything that moves.

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Dark Garden said...

Pode... you sum'beeotch! You're mine! Oh yes... One day THEY won't be around... then... it'll be swift n' quick... Oh yeah.. You hear me Pode? YOU HEAR ME?!!! HELL'S COMIN' WITH ME! YOU HEAR?!!! HELLS!!! COMIN'!!! WITH ME!!!!