Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Back to normal

As much fun as the dog show is, I can’t help but feel relief when we’re done; mostly because, more than anything, I love to be at home.

To celebrate I baked cream cheese banana nut bread (also because I’m the only one who eats ripe bananas and there were four more around than I could consume in one day – tomorrow they’ll be beyond use).

There is a homemade custard stand in Frederick County that makes the absolute best banana custard soft ice cream on the planet. This recipe tastes like a banana milkshake made from that custard – only in cake form.

Dirtman deserves a little special something because, since the show, this is what he and John Boy have been doing.

It turns out neither knows the first thing about putting up a chain link fence, but they’re not doing too badly. I’m sure professionals have a quicker means of doing it, but professionals are beyond our checkbook right now.

Oh, and the reason the bread is cooling so high up?

Ask Banana-Breath.


Janie said...

Banana Breath must stand for beautiful!

Gwynne said...

Banana Breath does not look like he would do a thing to upset the banana cart. You simply must post the recipe to this bread...banana custard? banana milkshakes? banana bread? All in ONE? That's like ALL of my favorite food groups! I will pay you good money for the recipe. Seriously.

benning said...

Poor banana-deprived puppy.

Sisiggy said...

janie: Shh, he'll hear you. He's already got a HUGE ego.

gwynne: Just follow the link. I didn't want to post what wasn't mine. Oh, and it tastes even better the second day -- as most cakes do.

benning: Yes, I'm alerting Purina to this canine nutrition phenomenon.

Trasherati said...

Toppergetdown can blow banana breath in my face anytime.

bleeding espresso said...

Aw, Banana Breath is gorgeous :)

I have a few ripe bananas in the freezer that I've been saving for a banana bread kind of just might be it, thanks!