Monday, July 14, 2008

You know -- those snooty dog shows where people dress up and show off their froo-froo dogs?

From the AKC website regarding attire at a dog show:

"Be neat in your appearance. Remember to dress
appropriately for inclement weather...

"...Members of the Event Committee represent the entire club. The reputation of a club and its event are dependent on the efforts of the committee...

"...Impressions that are taken home from the event by exhibitors, spectators and judges are a direct reflection upon the efforts of the club and the sport in general."

Editor's Note: You will probably have to click on the last picture to appreciate how absolutely waterlogged the grounds committee became as a result of the deluge at the end of the show. Editor appreciates not being punched in the face as she snapped photos instead of, say, handing them a towel.


benning said...

I think they're all wet!


Janie said...

Soaked. Definitely soaked.

Love your take on things!!

Gwynne said...

I think you ought to send this in to the AKC. Dressed for success all right. Heh. :-)

Are you the one in the evening gown length garbage bag? ;-)