Friday, March 21, 2008

You missed a spot along the driveway, Agent Smith

Now, I'm not usually known for being very liberal but, frankly, if FBI agents have so much time on their hands that they've got nothing better to do than build up a prostitution charges against New York governor Eliot Spitzer, then I've got some serious lawn work that needs to be done around here.

Okay, okay. Were everything else running smoothly I'd say, have at it; get on that high horse and spew about prostitutes as victims. And while some of them are, at thousands of dollars a night, I suspect the ex-Girls-Gone-Wild hooker in this case was a "victim" as much as I'm a "victim" of food -- there are circumstances in my past environment that are at the root of my overeating, but ultimately I've had ample opportunity to choose otherwise.

We're not talking about a teenager ripped from her family in some third world country and trafficked in a distant city where she is treated like a slave. We're talking Washington, D.C., where the hookers "legal sexual and erotic service" providers are just paying their way through an advanced degree.*

Yes, it's very sad that women are exploited for sexual purposes. Where do you suppose our society gets that idea? The nerve of using women for the sole purpose of sexual satisfaction. Such practices should, ultimately, be banished from our culture.

But until we get serious about it -- weed the front flower bed.

*Guess what showed up in an ad when I researched this site? This. I'm telling you -- They know.


Dirtman said...

Your wish is my command... The bed has been weeded. Now where is my payment?

Agent Smith

Sisiggy said...

You'll find a 20 dollar bill on the dresser. And, of course, I can count on your discretion?

Gwynne said...

I agree with you...while there's no doubt that plenty of women in the world ARE victimized and ARE products of broken homes, there are a lot of women out there who have chosen to follow the path that drugs take them on, and that path leads to all sorts of self-destructive behavior. They may reach a point where they feel they have no choice if they want to pay the bills, but seriously, how did they get to that point in the first place is what I want to know.

And if I could get someone to weed the flower bed for $20, I'd hire him in a heartbeat. That's a keeper you've got there! ;-)