Thursday, January 24, 2008

Bittersweet Excellence

I would adore Terry Pratchett's books even if I wasn't in his "typical" population mix of teenage and young adult males and middle-aged women.

And, quite honestly, I would adore Making Money if only for the character of Gladys, the first golem achieving self-awareness a woman.

Pratchett was diagnosed last year with a rare form of Alzheimer's and, while I wish him well and hope for the best, I plan to savor these last dispatches from Discworld.


Dark Garden said...

Sorry to hear that about T.P. Seems like you become a great renowned writer, get a case of that Alzheimers... and ... Bob's Your Uncle!

Jane G. said...

I also love Gladys and Pratchett. I hate the Alzheimer's news but like Neil Gaiman's take on it.