Saturday, January 26, 2008

Fool on the Hill*

It's inevitable. Saturday, nothing planned. Dirtman will come into my office any minute now and say, "So...what are we doing today?"

Oh, I could list any number of things that need doing, but I know that's not the point. I know that if I mention, for instance, things that need to be hung on the wall (pegs for my dog leashes, a towel/pot holder rack in the kitchen, etc.), there will be a huge long explanation why such major feats of engineering skill are impossible with the technology at hand (i.e., he lost another of the multitude of screw drivers we have purchased for the past 21 years). Short version: The question was not "what can I do for you today;" the question was "What are we doing today."

He wants me to leave my hill. He wants me to get in the car and drive onto a public road and leave my hill. In January.

My theory is that I should not have to come down off this hill for anything other than supplies and library trips until April or so. The power of intention being what it is, I may have single-handedly caused fuel to reach record-breaking prices.

But sooner or later, Dirtman has to go forth and be among the people. As a matter of public safety, I'm the one who drives him there. Couple it with a trip to JoAnne Fabrics or Michaels and it's at least tolerable. Feed me and ... well, we all know how amendable I can be when fed...

No, not much else going on, so you know what that means: Gratuitous Dog Picture.

"Don't laugh at my pointy head."

*I was going to call this post "Leaving Las Gnome Hill," but in light of recent events I figured that would set of a rash of rumors.


Gwynne said...

That's a great picture of your dog watching eagerly for someone to come home...very sweet.

Trasherati said...

There ain't nothin' wrong with that dog's head!
The tiara needs a place to rest, after all....silly commoner.

tracy said...

Your dogs are really gorgeous!