Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Just our opinion, of course...

Heir 2 and I were watching CNN this afternoon and the announcer started talking about Michael Vick announcing his guilty plea and that the NFL is still considering what to do about it (i.e., “Will we make more money if we allow Vick to play before and after serving time, or will we lose money if we tick people off?”)

Me: (dully) Way to go, NFL. Nothing like a definite ethical stance.

Heir 2: They’re saying he’ll probably get more than the minimum jail time.

Me: Really?

Heir 2: But, since he’s so young, when he gets out he’ll still be in condition to play.

Me: He won’t need to. He’ll write a book about how jail has changed him and go on Oprah.

Heir 2: Mom, this is Michael Vick. He can't write...a book.


benning said...

He's not much as a team leader either. Vick is one of the most over-rated players I've ever been underwhelmed by.


Sisiggy said...

benning: the other being his brother, Marcus. Heh.