Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A fungus among us

So there I was, doing the dishes, minding my own business when I look up and there, in my plain old African Violet sitting placidly on the windowsill:


Big, yellow 'shroom!

There it was, hanging grotesquely over the edge of the pot.

"Is it edible?" Dirtman wondered out loud.

I consider that perhaps it will make me taller, like in Alice in Wonderland.

"Probably not, but it may make you think you are," Heir 1 suggested. "Can I try it and find out?"

"NO!" Dirtman and I scream in unison.

"I was only kidding," Heir 1 said, walking away and shaking his head like he really should be devoting more time toward finding us a good, clean nursing home.

I decided to go online to find out what, exactly, had infiltrated my innocent houseplant and if it will one night consume us all.

Turns out I have one of these. Nothing exotic. Like the birds at my birdfeeder ("typical feeder bird...), even my fungus is mundane.

The only question left is: Which one left the spores?

Incidently: new puppy photos over on Flickr. Link is on the right, so you don't have to bother reading my blather anymore if you only love me for my puppy photos...


Dark Garden said...

I had one I started to quickly type... ROFL!!!

This is what you caused Sis!!!

Katrina said...

It's kind of that mushroom-y way.

Sisiggy said...

Katrina: Yeah, but now it's starting to collapse and it looks like something...malignant.

Leslie Shelor said...

You people can't get away from fungus even when you move away.