Monday, August 20, 2007

Poopies -- er--Puppies, I mean

New puppy photos on Flicker.

Ya know how when babies are born, their poop is not so bad and then, all of a sudden, they become really disgusting? Usually this happens when they stop nursing.

Well, it's happened to the puppies. We're starting to wean them and they're becoming little poop factories. Oh, they play a little. But mostly they poop and sleep.

Like babies -- only cuter. Babies are cute for about 20 minutes when they turn 2. Then they wake up and it's all over.

So, if this seems rushed, it is. I've got a 10 minute window and then it's back to changing the puppy pen paper.

Well, I'll look on the bright side. At least they'll never get a driver's license like Heir 2 will this Thursday...


Leslie Shelor said...

Yeah, I know about this one.

mrhaney said...

those pups are real cute but they usually are. do you have homes for them all? some times i wish they would just stay small but they have so much energy. i love to just lay on my back and all the puppies come up to you and start kissing you. its so great.

Sisiggy said...

All the puppies are spoken for. One will go to England, three to Germany, one to Maryland and one, maybe, to Northern Virginia. We are keeping a male and female.

They are exactly at the "lay on your back and let them start kissing you" stage. Sadly, this will probably only last a week or so. The grow so fast!