Monday, May 21, 2007

So, Linguinis...what have you been up to?

Oh, this and that, that and this.

We went to Strasburg's Mayfest parade to watch Heir 2 march by for 20 seconds.

Then we went to Winchester to get light bulbs.

We went to Costco for cereal, milk and orange juice.

Planted the flower and herb boxes.

Then we pimped out our dog.

You know...the usual weekend stuff.


White Trasherati said...

Little Zsas! Maybe. When will you know if she's knocked up? And how do you get her to pee on that little stick?

Sisiggy said...

No one wants to hold the little stick. So we have to wait 28 days and then do a sonogram. Even then, you never know, as Karen could tell you. Her bitch's sonogram was clear. Then she (the bitch, not Karen)had 8 puppies.

Perhaps Zsa Zsa will start knitting little puppy booties and then we'll know for sure.

The Dark that forgot his password said...

I got the stick. Now you go hold the bitch till she pees on it.

hee ... sorry... I just wanted to type that.

garden that needs his password back said...

Ok, now get that bitch in here for her sonogram.


Sisiggy said...

I'm locking up Zsa Zsa when you come over, The Dark That Is Having Way Too Much Fun With This.

way too much dark fun said...

Hey sis. Put the bitch in the wine cellar!