Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A minor rant that gives me an excuse to brag about the Heirs, which I won't make a practice of, I promise.

I have mixed emotions about Joe being designated the top male academic scorer in his class (second year running…)

Naturally, I am very proud. How could I not be?

Then, again, the most successful and self-actualized people I know of were underachievers in high school. In addition, I realize that a high grade point average is not necessarily the best measure of intelligence and definitely not creativity.

Even Joe points out that the main reason he gets good grades is more a matter of compliance than brilliance (you can see how overjoyed he is by the lower picture). That he recognizes this makes me very, very proud.

His brother, for instance, is also very smart. But compliant? Not so much. He excels at what he excels at. But he won’t give time to something in which he has no interest.

While most school systems are preprogrammed in favor of the Joes of this world, I can see merit in both. Joe will draw the lines for Charley to color outside of. They’d be brilliant in business together, if they don’t kill each other first.

Attending this reception, though, left me with an unsettling feeling. All these kids looked very…tidy. Not a hint of rebellion, not even a whiff of original thinking.

Joe, I might point out, was not particularly tidy. But, then, I don't dress him anymore. I think this is a good thing, actually.

Where were the Heirs’ friends whose humor is sophisticated enough to make adults laugh? The kids I know are reading technical manuals that make my head spin or advanced philosophy books they dissect over coffee weren’t there either. Where were they?

Oh. I know. They got a “C” in gym.


Jane said...

Heh. The main reason I got good grades was also more a matter of compliance than brilliance.

Leslie Shelor said...

Yep, compliant here, too. Until senior year. Then I figured out that compliant wasn't getting me anywhere. But I was too chicken to rebel much.

Gardens Of The Dark said...

We, of the Royal Order Of Altered Education, applaud you and Joe for mentioning us!