Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A brief quiz

What is Zsa Zsa doing in the following picture?

Is she:

A) Standing
B) Walking
C) Lying down just as she is supposed to be doing at station 11 on the Rally course

Next question. Can you see her? Is she:

A) invisible
B) a holographic projection of Zsa Zsa
C) the actual Zsa Zsa lying down just as she is freakin' supposed to be doing at freakin' station 11 on the freakin' Rally course (a little crookedly -- but still. Freakin'. DOWN.)

Did you answer "C" to both questions above? Then, thank you. Apparently I wasn't experiencing some sort of hallucination brought on by panic.

If you answered A and/or B to either of the above, congratulations! You can be a Rally judge!


jane said...

Well OBVIOUSLY that cannot be The Zsa Zsa because The Zsa Zsa would never do what a mere human told her to do.

I must admit it is a very good Zsa Zsa stunt double. Looks just like her.

sisiggy said...

It's the DOWN that is important. There is a canine-like creature doing a down next to that stinkin' sign, is there not? You see the dog? PLEASE TELL ME YOU SEE THE DOG!!!!!!!

Jane said...

I see a dog and a human.

Leslie Shelor said...

Looks like a DOWN to me. Mostly. Reluctantly maybe. But DOWN!

sisiggy said...

Thank you. Thank you.

But explain to me how you all can see this from 850 miles away and the judge couldn't see it from THREE FREAKIN' FEET AWAY?

But, really, I'm over it. I've moved on.I'm breathing, I'm breathing...