Sunday, August 13, 2006

The best thing about cheesecake is...'s at its most delicious the second day.

Fortunately Dirtman and I were so impolite we didn't offer to spit JAG's cheesecake offering so that she and Trasherati could take some home.

Cheesecake for breakfast! Cheesecake for lunch!

I'll be back to blog about the gnome incident just as soon as I can fit through the door again!*

The fruit tart brought by Trasherati? Haven't seen it since, five minutes after the conclusion of the Bloggers Convention West, Heir 2 secreted up to his room. All that remains is a torn up piece of cardboard due to a temper tantrum by Salt, who was too late to steal get a piece.

*I ate my lunch piece standing up, the effort of which was enough to counteract the calories. More or less. Give or take.


Jagosaurus said...

Heh. Dirtman did a great job distracting us by so impressively and efficiently washing and drying the cheesecake pan/container for me to take home.

Mrs Lifecruiser said...

CHEESECAKE!!!!! *screaming*

This hungry monsters absolutely favorite cake. Oh my god.

Now you see what you've done?????

I'm devestated. Must buy ingredients. Must bake the cake. Must have.

[insert heavy drooling here]

Off to the nightly kitchen raid while I'm waiting for the stores to open.

Poor Mr Lifecruiser. He is in danger now....

White Trasherati said...

I'm still moving'll never even know we're there. We can all fit in Heir 2's unused (!) room. Dirtman will wonder why the beer level keeps dropping and who keeps painting over the Hokie colors....
I can't wait to begin acting as a bad influence on Heir 1. SO. CUTE.

benning said...

Ahhh, Cheesecake!

"Mom, why's the slice so small?"

"It's very rich!"

"Yeah? What's the point?"

For me it's like carrot cake. I want a BIG slice, dadgummit! Don't tell me it's very rich - that's why I want a BIG slice!

Ahhh, Cheesecake! mmMMMmmmm!