Saturday, July 15, 2006

...And movin' on...

I'm going on island time for two weeks starting on Monday. So posting will continue to be sporadic.

I vow to be a consistent and clever blogger forevermore after and to never bother you all again with "housing updates."

We're heading out to Ocracoke Island off the North Carolina coast. I don't think cell phones work there. We are packing more books than clothing. There will be no talk of deadlines, drainfields or (for the love of god) construction.

The puppies, they are excited, as you can see!

I hear we will continue to be able to make ice on Ocracoke Island. Good thing too, since I'm bringing a big bottle of Tanqueray.

I'm very sorry, Powers That Be, that a lot of really wonderful things are happening to me all at once. Please don't strike me down because of it. I promise to find something to suffer about when I get back. I promise I won't have too much fun at the 3rd Blogger Conference West. How about I get a really, really bad sunburn? Will that satisfy you?


Jagosaurus said...

Shane! Come back, Shane!

mrhaney said...

no we don't want you to get a sunburn. that would hurt to much. just come back safe.

benning said...

Sounds great! Have a great time, relax, enjoy the air, the sea, and the time off!

We expect a nice travelogue about it when you get back!


happy and blue 2 said...

Did the county of Shenandoah find out you moved in to your house without their permission. Is that why you are going on the "holiday" as you call it..

Rainypete said...

I don't know how you can live with those two insane hounds. That kind of energy must wear you right down!

I'm with H&B2 - I think you're on the run from the county because they have you figured out.