Thursday, July 13, 2006

Home at last...


Remember me? The lady who wouldn’t shut up about the construction on her house?

I’ll stop now. We are constructed and moved and all is right with the world.

There are no moving pictures. That’s because we started at 9 a.m. and finished at 5 p.m. and no one had time to take a freakin’ picture.

With the help of John Boy and Dark Garden, we moved the few salvageable items from the House of Squalor and all the new stuff out of storage, slammed it all into the house and then, like true Italians, cooked a big honkin’ meal.

In fact, I don’t recall much about moving over the 4th of July holiday. I more remember eating and the associated activities. But we must have moved because this:

…is now this:

And this:

…is now this.

And this:

…is now this:

And this:

Dirtman finally got to set up his Christmas present…

…which the lovely John Boy will now demonstrate.

We even had our first dinner party, which I insist on calling it even though I couldn’t be sure

whether dinner would be the shish kabobs I planned or pizza delivered because I couldn’t figure out how to work any of my appliances (Instructions? We don’t need no stinkin’ instructions.). And so we invited the Providers of Gnome, who are very easy-going people, and because Mrs. POG forced me to unbox all my kitchen stuff, not just the absolute necessities, because she must suspect that I am one of those people who would rather go out and buy a new garlic press rather than unpack the old one. And she would be right. (Mr. and Mrs. POG also own Shenandoah Style, a wine and gourmet shop at the Strasburg Emporium, so they are good people to know when your priority on moving day is what’s for dinner…).

And so life is good, what with being able to sleep all night without the bed attacking and a washing machine that sings a happy tune whenever it finishes a cycle and an office to myself without a trace of Hokie maroon and orange.

Now what have I got to write about?


White Trasherati said...

It's all so gorgeous! And not Squalor-y! Yay! You can't tell by just looking at me, but I am rejoicing for you. Sort of quietly, because I'm at work. But rejoicing like a big dog inside....
And is that Her Highness the Zsa Zsa I spy begging, er, REIGNING at the dinner table?

Jagosaurus said...

Wow. I think I just got high off of New House Smell while reading this post.

I am rejoicing for you too. What a gorgeous house. SIgh.

Adrift At Sea said...

Yes, but has the county approved your moving in yet???

Jagosaurus said...

What, exactly, is Dirtman's birthday present? It looks likea tv and a ... drink machine?

MammaK said...

The house looks beautiful! I can't wait to come back and see you all moved in!

Looked to me as though the Queen was reigning over her subjects!!! :-)))

Rainypete said...

Absolutely gorgeous. Enjoy the funky new digs. I take it that corn isn't a health code violation in the county of Shenandoah like everthing else seems to be? How's the garage door by the way?

Leslie Shelor said...

Congratulations! Moving is so traumatic that you've blanked out the worst of it. Glad you're home!

benning said...

I expect an invite as soon as the Beer Machine gets filled with the Newcastle Brown Ale I love so much! (cause who wants to sip Sprite?)

Looks nice! I bet it'll look extremely nice and inviting when you get back from the island vacation! :D

happy and blue 2 said...

The house looks great. Congratulations on the move..