Tuesday, April 11, 2006

There is much rejoicing!

I was going to post pictures of progress at the new house.

Yes. I said progress.

We have progress. There are things that are….wait for this….can you believe it?....DONE!!!!!

I was going to take pictures of all the doneness. But, no. I want to take pictures when the contrast is so unbelievably profound, that you will not trust that it is something belonging to a Linguini.

“This must be a house belonging to someone for whom all things go well in spite of what an idiot she is (like Anna Nicole Smith),” you will say. (Hopefully this, Ladies and Gentlemen, will be the last time you ever think of me and Anna Nicole Smith within the same….week.)

So, though I have dozens of pictures of our new drainfield and the completely insulated basement and the drywall in my secret bathroom, I’m keeping them to myself.

By next week at this time will be photos to thrill and amaze. The stonemason comes Thursday. The basement drywall will be done. The deck and hot tub will be installed. We will be ready to paint!

There is much excitement here in Linguiniland. There is the ritual throwing of things into boxes, things we’ve accumulated since throwing other things in boxes when we thought we were going to move in the fall. Things are being flung out the door. I am packing away the winter clothes, that’s how sure I am that we will not need them until we are in the new house. There is even talk of address changes.

So, while we still face an Easter Sunday without the clever egg hunt I had planned and though we still mourn the loss of the gnomes, we are all uplifted, if by uplifted you mean running around wildly and every now and then screaming at each other, “WE’RE MOVING IN A MONTH AND A HALF!!!!”


White Trasherati said...

I will begin planning the ritualistic house blessing with cheesecake and wine.
Have I mentioned that we are in the early stages of building a house? That sounds very similar to yours? And I am now frightened beyond all measure?

sisiggy said...

Be afraid. Be very afraid...

Actually you will probably be all right as long as you are using a licensed contractor. Acting as our own contractor was a mistake even though the house was supposedly arriving "finished." Modular homes may arrive finished, but since this was, basically, stick built at the plant, there is no telling how it will arrive (we now know...). How far along are you? (you can answer by e-mail. Blogger is acting up again.)

Hick said...

I am so jealous that you get to put away your winter clothes...I'm still wearing mine here in "Winterneverends" land.

Congrats on the progress.

Katrina said...

How wonderful! I loved the artistic rendering of you soaking up the sunlight in your basement of nearly-done-ness. I am vicariously enjoying the remodeling process through your tales of alternating woe and jubilation. :) Keep 'em coming!

Jagosaurus said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that all will go as planned from here on out.

Mrs Lifecruiser said...

Awwwww, that make me so happy for you!!!!

Yeeeah, yeeeahh, at last!!!
*jumping up and down*

*swipes my tears in my eyes away*