Saturday, April 08, 2006

Maybe they need some new, fresh ideas at the fortune cookie factory...

I scanned this in so you would know this was my actual fortune in my fortune cookie:

So I'm wondering, what does this mean?

You can't keep aiming a duck over and over until you or it dies?

You can't aim a duck in the direction of death because it's too smart to face it?

You can't aim a duck in the direction of death because it is cowardly?

You are such a lousy aim, you can't even aim a duck in the direction of death?

You are such a pitiful loser you can't even aim a duck in the direction of death?

Help, quickly! This is my fortune and my entire future hinges on this duck!


Jagosaurus said...

I ... what? Even when you add the obligatory "in bed" to the end of the fortune it doesn't make sense.

jon said...

I have a Masters Degree in fortune cookie interperatation, let me have a crack at it. . . step back folks and give me a little room here.

It means that aiming (an intention) will not kill the duck (accomplish a goal) if you do not pull the trigger (get off yer butt).

zib said...

That's it, I'm writing fortunes when I grow up.

Leslie Shelor said...

Well, this is more interesting than the last one I got: "You work hard." News flash.

sisiggy said...

Very good, Jon! Now it makes sense. Thank you.

My entire life is changed now and I am transformed into a true, actualized duck killer.

Jagosaurus said...


Does being a true, actualized duck killer mean you get some sort of cape or (glittery) duck-killing tool belt or something?

sisiggy said...

...and a sidekick! And a cool car that doesn't have the Heir's soda bottles all over the floor and it does neat stuff long legs with webbed feet to navigate in duck-infested swamps!



Jagosaurus said...

Okay. I dare you:

If it is prohibitively expensive, perhaps we could do a fundraiser. I'm willing to chip in some money to make this happen. Anyone else with me?

John said...

I'm holding out for the official 20 oz duck killer tumbler and the official duck killer beach towel.

Ooh! Ooh! The Lunch Box!! That's what I want!!

mrhaney said...

if it has any thing to do with ducks then fizzy would be the expert on it. go here, .

sisiggy said...

I'll know I've truly arrived if I end up on ebay.

(Jag: you notice they never do tell you the price. If you have to ask...)

Mrs Lifecruiser said...

Uhum... I'm sorry, but I just have to say it:

F*ck the Duck... *lol*

The meaning with it was just that you should begin to wonder and think and bothering all of us so we begin to wonder and think.

I think.