Monday, November 28, 2005

Prima Donna flees photogs

(Self-) Acclaimed diva, The Zsa Zsa, has communicated that she has no comment on this weekend’s festivities and has cancelled all public appearances through the holidays.

Cornered by paparazzi while attempting to flee Howard County in an unmarked blue van belonging to her Former Personage, Ms. Zsa denied rumors she was returning to her previous manager due to irreconcilable differences of opinion.

In response to her current Person’s comment that the weekend was a success because “no one got hurt or threw up,” Ms. Zsa stated: “A gorilla dancing Swan Lake is more graceful than That Woman.”


Anonymous said...

How did you ever get that photo? Is it edited to be that way?

Todd Jergen

sisiggy said...

Photoshop is a wonderful thing, though Zsa Zsa was rather bewildered as to why I needed a picture of the back of her paw...