Tuesday, December 07, 2010

I never cried over commercials until...

Christmas commercials don't make me cry anymore. I doubt they make anyone cry. They're loud and crass or, worse, deliberately and heavy-handedly sentimental. Jewelry commercials are the worst and don't get me started on car commercials that even hint that a car is an appropriate Christmas present.

I was never a weepy person. Oh, the opening of Lassie always had me swallowing hard, but that was about it. I had a friend who always exited gooey movies in tears and I'd be rolling my eyes.

Then life happened -- I had kids and troubles and turmoil and that all changed. Now I cry over everything. Heir 2 can't leave for college or come home from college that I'm not I'm blubbering in the driveway. I just have to hear a dog whimper and I tear up. I even found myself crying while watching Charlie Chaplin and Jackie Coogan in The Kid.

When I was a teenager, though, I was a rock; except when this commercial came on. I was fine until the veeeeeeeery end -- the kid's reaction...you'll see what I mean.

See? See? Am I right?


Tim said...

A couple of reactions: I think that as we move through life we understand consequences better and because we have more experience with life we can see where things are heading. I was sad and occasionally misty-eyed when my son would leave for college too. You can see that they are moving out into life and away from you, and after protecting them and guiding them for 18 years or so, that's a little scary and sad. And it's sad that they are so eager to separate. But with my son (who has graduated from college and is living in another part of the country) I found that was a phase. He passed through that and now seems pleased to talk when we call him and seems to genuinely enjoy it when we visit. And it's a very special feeling when you spend time with your adult offspring and realize that even if they weren't your kids you would like them and think they were really good and interesting human beings. So there are compensations.

Second, from the age of your kids I would guess that you are a bit younger than me. As women (how can I put this?) move into a certain phase in their biological existence, emotions are often closer to the surface and teariness is more likely to happen. Nothing wrong with that. Just keep tissues handy.

Sisiggy said...

Oh, yeah. I totally agree...and it's what I keep telling my son: He's doing exactly what he's should be doing and my crying is my issue and not his.

And, yeah -- I very much feel that hormonal jolt and, in a way, it feels a lot better than holding everything in used to. Everyone now just chalks it up to "she's at it again."

Darkgarden said...

I dunno Sis… I was totally down with the feel of that commercial from the beginning. You KNOW I remember what it felt like back then.

Even recall that commercial from when I was younger, but with a sniff… I just now wondered, “Is that…. Corey Feldman???”

So I researched it and quickly discovered it was.

Now I like Corey Feldman. Goonies? Come onnnn! Great stuff there! However… It sort of just ruined that commercial for me. And those days were (ARE) sacred.

Now dropping a tear or two (or more) every now and then… Gender? Emotions a little closer to the skin?
Man, I dunno.
Some people have no fear of wearing their heart on their sleeve. It works for some. Its not a matter of gender.

Experiences and stimuli of various sorts throughout life may sure have their effect, but I don’t think gender takes any play in this at all. Unless, of course, we want to discuss how women are advancing alternately to the evolution of men, in which case we could examine the emotional response comparison. We would have to also get into “controls” where we take into consideration what the test males and females would respond to and in what manner compared to specific situations.

I, like my sis, wear my heart on my sleeve. Always have. I don’t have a problem with it now. I’ve dropped many a tear over my boyz since day one, and that hasn’t changed at all to this very day as they now also venture through the forced American institution of higher learning.
I now look upon citizens who are capable of such a behavior as advanced, honest and true.

It is also amazing how the entire concept may be applied to your everyday analysis in the workplace for a myriad of jobs out there.

Corey Friggin’ Feldman though… Damn sis!

Sisiggy said...

How did you know that? You got Corey Feldman from that blurry clip?

(Actually, Cory Feldman is more your era than mine. I wouldn't know Corey Feldman if I felled....sorry. And why is that depressing -- he's not the Corey that died, right?)

Darkgarden said...

Yes (I did get that from the video you attached). Was pretty strange to see after so long, and then realize who he ended up becoming.

No he's alive. Corey Haim kicked it.

Trasherati said...

I, too, watched the kid roll out of bed and thought, "Wait...is...is that the Corey from Goonies? Holy crap, must've been the first acting job."

And I loved that commercial. A book of those things was the BEST gift. But now I wouldn't eat at the McD's trough if you paid me to.