Friday, December 17, 2010

For Dirtman

I've been waiting a long time to post this video. I found it way back in June and almost posted it then.

This is for Dirtman, in particular -- our resident bowl of mush. But, honestly (swear you won't tell anyone), I can't get through it without gritting my teeth and draping my arm somewhere, trying to look casual and blase'.

What amazes me is how long this commercial is. With the 15-second commercials flashing in front of us, an ad this long is almost an info-mercial.

So, make sure you are at maximum tissuage or can easily blame your watering eyes on allergies.

Merry Christmas, Sparkey. I saved the best for you.

*Oh, God...I just realized (I haven't seen this commercial since the 80s) the little boy's name is "Charley," the name of my oldest son. Forget everything I said about looking cool and blase'.


ari_1965 said...

I got a little teary over this, too. However, I also wondered if Tom took off his boots before walking into the living room.

I'm sorry!

But if it's snowing so much that travel is difficult, Tom presumably would be wearing snow boots. He also would be wearing a winter coat, etc. He apparently manages to get his coat and scarf off in a split second as he enters the house and then puts them down on a chair or whatever near the doorway. Perhaps he unbuttoned as he walked up the sidewalk and that helped him to be quicker. But what about the boots?

Sisiggy said...


Actually, thank you. That gives me something to focus on so I can look casual and blase'.

Darkgarden said...

Its all about death you know.

Tree with tinsel in modern day means nothing more than a tree of old, which would not be long dead. DEAD!

Like the bulk of that commercial! What media frenzied world are you allowing the masses to make you think we live in?! Snap out of it!

There are no more Christmas seasons anywhere near that. We’re in a post-apocalyptic jazz of emotion now. Tough, skewed, opinionated and definitely not soft or wimpy.

Sisiggy said...

I guess that brief period of Christmas spirit last week is gone? Put Ella back on with the snow and stuff.

Darkgarden said...

Sorry. Bad few days. That was pretty uncalled for.

Christmas is a special time.

Trasherati said...

Christmas is a special time. For those of us with severe allergies.