Friday, March 12, 2010

Gnorm hates spring break

While Heir 2 was home from school, he was pretty involved with getting caught up on homework. So I left him to his own devices.

However, something about Heir 2's presence stirs up Ungnome and gnome-like activity in general.

Target Practice

Hung by the Gneck

Ungnome gets his

Gnomes on a toot

Unfortunately, Heir 2 didn't get quite as much done as he should have.

The gnomes, however, were exhausted.


Gwynne said...

Maybe he was working on a sociology project? I especially love "target practice" and the wind-blown pink-haired troll interceding in the gnomes' affairs. :-)

Sisiggy said...

I think the discovery of the trolls stirred things up...

Shay said...

There's no place like gnome.