Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cucumber-some II

Hello and welcome to the cucumber blog -- all cucumbers, all the time...

So I managed to get this done today:

This is a gallon of garlic dills that will have to ultimately be refrigerated since I don't have a canner.

I would be rejoicing, only this is what is left:

Sigh. I can't devote any more refrigerator space to pickles. As pickles go, these are my favorite (everyone else likes the ubiquitous bread and butter pickle, but I don't have the ingredients on hand for those). But how many pickles can one eat? And, in terms of popularity, cheese, yogurt, milk, lunch meat and leftovers far outweigh pickles which are sort of an afterthought -- a spare link, if you will -- in the Linguini food chain.


Gwynne said...

Heh. The Cucumber Chronicles. Would be a great mystery series.

Shay said...

Sisiggy; not even a pasta pot you can use to can in?

Ours is pretty battered but in a pinch we would use my big Farberware kettle.

Leslie Shelor said...

This is why I don't plant cucumbers (and keep the car locked at church on Sunday morning during cuke and zuke season).

John said...

We don't do pickles at my house, not since that unfortunate pregnancy incident at Chili's.