Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Dining out with the Starlings

If you sit here long enough, staring out the window at the bird feeder, thinking of things to write, you see some pretty neat stuff. I will admit my bird watching is a form of meditation; I'm truly "in the moment" and yesterday the moment consisted of this:

I know starlings are considered nuisance birds. Around here they're second only to the grackles in being the bird feeder bullies. Even Bubba the Bluejay gives them a wide berth.

As for teaching their kids to fend for themselves, however, they are second to none. By the end of the day, these fledglings had learned to fly up to the suet feeder and feed themselves -- awkwardly (they kept flying on top of each other and falling off), but efficiently.

Today they discovered that the top of the suet feeder is flat, thereby allowing more of them to perch. What they couldn't figure out was how to access the actual suet from this convenient location. This has resulted in a lot of jostling for position accompanied by a racket of squawking while Mom placidly stuffs her face.

Meanwhile, one of the mourning doves calmly pecks up her usual ground seed, thinking, "This used to be such a nice restaurant. Why can't those trashy Starlings leave their brats at home like civilized birds."

That's right. I know what my birds are thinking.

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Gwynne said...

Those are great shots of mom feeding the brats. Amazing how quickly they learn!

I'm not sure doves are smart enough to think about anything, except "free food!!" ;-)