Thursday, April 30, 2009

Flea pot

As some of you may recall, I've been on the lookout for certain items and I found at least one of them at a flea market this weekend.

I haven't used a drip coffee pot in well over 30 years, so I knew it was going to take a few tries before I could manifest a decent cup of coffee.

First of all -- cups were a lot smaller back in the day; and they were...cups...not mugs. And, if they were mugs, they were small mugs, not big honkin' mugs like I possess. So this 6-cup Wearever pot actually yields two Linguini "cups."

My first stab at using the pot and following the grounds amounts given on the pot gave me a cup of coffee that would peel the paint off the wall. There are those who would say that my usual cup of coffee does that, but these are usually tea drinkers who only occasionally venture into the world of coffee. I do make strong coffee -- but even I had trouble getting this morning's version down without copious amounts of creamer.

Timewise, it took just a little longer to make a pot of coffee, but not much more than usual. That was kind of a nice surprise. I don't like having to wait very long for my morning caffeine hit.

The nicest part of it, though, is that not having a coffee maker frees up precious counter space. Counter space is at a premium around here.


Trasherati said...

Awesome. And it appears to be exactly what you were looking for. Though I thought you were old-school stovetop espresso?
My former mother-in-law used to rock one of these percolators. On a woodstove on cold winter mornings. 'Cause apparently I married into the Ingalls family, circa 1815.

Are you wanting a covered cake plate, or just a pedestal one? I'm keeping my eyes open for you.

Ari_1965 said...

I'm confused. Is this a French press (you put coffee in and pour boiling water over it; no electricity plug) or a percolator as mentioned in the first comment (you put coffee in it and water, plug it in and the coffee "cooks")?

Either way, congratulations on finding one of your items. I call searches for specific items "quests."

Ari_1965 said...

Oh, wait, is this the kind of percolator you heat on the burner? I haven't used one of those since Lambs of God summer camp.

I think I need some coffee. I seem to be slightly confused tonight.

Sisiggy said...

Trasherati: Expresso is an afternoon thing (stovetop). Dirtman doesn't drink expresso.

I guess I'm looking for a large cake platter. I'm afraid a pedestal would look too much like the Holy Grail to Toppergetdown.

Ari: Yeah...we're talking pretty old school here. But there is absolutely nothing to break on an old drip pot. And I can still make coffee when the power goes out. This is important. The flow of coffee must never be disturbed.

BTW, Ari, I tried posting on your site, and it wouldn't let me, even though I was signed into Google. I will try again, but I just want to let you know.

Darkgarden said...

Sweet! Ari's into Lamb Of God? You got yourself some good followers! I didn't know they ran a summer camp. I wanna be at that!

BTW... Je... err... Sis.. You're starting to creep me out w. all this old school stuff. You ever just think about raiding Johnboy's basement.. or even his KITCHEN?!!!

Sisiggy said...

DG: Stop scaring people.

And just wait...When World War III knocks out the power grid, you'll be coming to me for your coffee (and juice -- did you see the juicer I picked up?).

Darkgarden said...

I'm trying not to scare anyone here. I know your followers are very real, normal (sort-of), sensitive people.

(insert that sound that someone makes that you hear coming from the back of their nose and throat; like when they're trying so very seriously to remain calm... See Silence of the Lambs when Ted Levine is reaching for a business card for Jodie.)


The juicer...

Yeah... The juicer...


I saw the juicer.

Please ... stop acquiring these things.

You don't want these things in your head man. I'm tellin' ya. Don't let them back in. (rubs hand across head from back to front real quick) Just don't.

...and I DO want to go to Lamb Of Gods summer camp! Man! Can you imagine the experience?!!! Hells yeah!!!

Don't be afraid of me! Y'all come on over to my site now. I love people! I love visitors! Come one come all, I say! (insert that Ted Levine noise again here)

Gwynne said...

I think that's "LambS," not "GodS," DG. ;-) Maybe you're looking for the Silence of the Lambs summer camp? Holy crap! 8-}

Darkgarden said...

Oh! Yeah! Neatness! Silence Of The Lambs Summer Camp 09! That'd work too! Ted Levine would show up and be there in the big log building where you go to eat your meals... The one w. the screen windows and flies all around... sticky table covers that smell mildewed from years in that back storeroom off the greasy kitchen!... He's be up there (Ted would) on the rostrum, making that chuckle noise! OHhhhh the fun of it... (swoon and rocking at the bliss of it all... Ted and chuckles and sticky table covers)

I should blog on all this instead of messing up my poor Sis's site.