Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Watchin' Westminster

Or, rather, watchin' Heir 2 watchin' Westminster. I'd made some caramel popcorn for the event, so it's more like watchin' Heir 2's bowl of popcorn while watchin' Westminster*.

Heir 2 came home from school running a fever and was resting on the couch (threatening Dirtman with bodily harm if he appeared in any photo). Otherwise, he is usually ambivalent about dog shows.

Ironically, this coincides with having to post my response to PETA on Spot-On. PETA is not an organization you want noticing you personally, as is the case, I suppose, with any sort of fanatic. But when a fanatical fringe starts insinuating itself into the Constitution, it's time we all start at least talking about it.

Humorously, their "call to arms" for Westminster fell flat. They put out a call to their membership that they were going to set up a fake registration table so that people would think they were registering to show and then would find out they couldn't. I hope lots of them flocked to the Garden only to find out that you don't register to show a dog at the venue; that it's done weeks in advance to be sure of the dog's status on the AKC registry.

So they had to be content with their lame Ku Klux Klan demonstration and their pitiful little pamphlets, giving them the status of, say, the Moonies pushing literature on you at an airport: give 'em a wiiiiiide berth.

*If you're looking for Abbey or Hokie (or, as we refer to them around here: the Katzenjammer Kids), they spent Westminster drying and flaking off, having found a wonderful mud plot to roll in.


Trasherati said...

Salt, of course, deserves the popcorn. And TopperGetDown looks oddly...focused? less airheaded?...than usual.

jagosaurus said...

TopperGetDown is probably asleep with his eyes open.

Gwynne said...

Your PETA articles are fantastic journalism! It would be great if you could get them published in something like the NYT. Not that you need them showing up in your yard with hoods and burning crosses, but still...someone needs to euthanize this group.

And the photo is priceless. I showed it to my husband and he could only see two dogs. He only saw one at the Westminster show. Not that he's biased towards Aussies or anything, but seriously, Copyright should have won that competition. ;-)

Sisiggy said...

Trasherati: It doesn't matter whether Salt deserves the popcorn or not. Salt wants the popcorn, Salt will contrive to get the popcorn -- in this case by circling around the couch, coming up on the arm and onto the back, landing on all fours in front of the bowl.

JAG: TopperGetDown's brain has two modes: food and fog.

Gwynne: I find myself throwing things at the TV screen during the herding competition. The dogs are supposed to be judged, among other things, on whether they can do the job for which they're bred. You can't tell me that Puli could work in the shrubbery in a muddy field with that coat and not develop abscesses and major matting. But they say you can't judge a dog without getting your hands on them.
(The Giant Schnauzer totally should have won Best in Show, though.)
(And thanks about my Spot-on piece.)