Sunday, February 08, 2009

Tasty interior decorating in a snap

I love the colors mint green and chocolate brown together.

And that's totally why I made these devil's food cupcakes with mocha icing. It was purely a matter of interior decoration.

Though, ya know, in these hard times it's a sin to waste food.

Oh, in case you're wondering how we can have the luxury of food out on the counter...

This is what our counter usually looks like*.

...For the benefit of Abbey and Hokie. When they set one off, they're not really scared, but they do try to act like nothing happened -- like it is so out of the realm of possibility that an Australian Shepherd would counter surf and certainly not an Australian Shepherd who lives in this house.

*Don't worry -- they never get snapped by the actual trap. The trap just makes a loud noise and jumps up in the air (usually landing in the very food we were trying to protect). Believe me, I'd never do anything to hurt my dogs. I've already got PETA on my tail for something I wrote on Spot-On. I don't need any more aggravation.


Gwynne said...

Heh...and I was thinking you might actually have mice running around on the counter. Don't laugh. We're this close to setting traps up there ourselves.

Love the green dishes and matching mixer! And the color coordination with cupcakes is nice too.

Sisiggy said...

This is the first "house in the country" I've lived in where there is absolutely no field mouse problem. Even at the new house, we had to throw a cat in the basement.

I've never used real mouse traps for mice because a kid or the dogs might eat the bait.

I almost wish we had the occasional rodent, just to keep Fluffy in practice. She's getting lazy. Whiskers could care less and poor old Phoebe (who never leaves Heir 2's room -- he calls her Miss Haversham)once had a mouse sitting right under her and she never noticed.

Trasherati said...

So. If I bring you my Dean Martin Variety Show DVDs to view, you'll ply me with cupcakes and martinis, correct?

Sisiggy said...

...and while you're here Salt will sit on your lap and gaze at you dreamily (right now he's taking numbers on who will win at Westminster).

Leslie Shelor said...

Oh, wow, you are a brave woman! I just read the "something you wrote" on Spot-on...awesome!

Sisiggy said...

I don't know if you'd classify me as "brave." I'm a little nervous about them being based right here in Virginia, since they do have a reputation for inciting loose cannons to pick on people who disagree with them. But, really, how much of a threat could I be?

(Dirtman, by the way, wants me to shut up before the house is firebombed.)