Monday, December 01, 2008

We interrupt this blog for a moment of geekiness

Okay -- if you are reading this on the night it's posted and you live in the northern hemisphere and the sky is clear, go outside this instant and look at the crescent moon. There should be two "stars" right next to it.

The brightest is Jupiter and the other is Venus.

Is that cool or what?


Meg said...

I wish I could go see it, but this darn cloud cover and falling snow, once again, are keeping me from seeing the cool astronomy stuff. :( I hope you get to see it (and, if so, enjoy it for me, too!)

John said...

I heard and I obeyed (but still didn't see it...our view is too obstructed by buildings and trees) :-(

jagosaurus said...

I tried to photograph this from Trasherati's porch last night but I'm not sure any of then turned out.