Monday, December 01, 2008

I'm not dead yet...I'm feeling much better (think I'll go for a walk...)

I try not to talk about medical issues here on the blog. The reason for this is two-fold, the first being the very obvious reason of it being extremely boring to listen to someone go on and on about that kind of thing.

The other reason is that I think you can talk yourself sick – or write yourself sick, in this case. You draw it to you, so to speak; give your illness all your energy.

I’m breaking my own rule for one reason only: turns out I’m not sick.

See, the thing is, truth to tell (that I didn’t tell my family), I thought – no, I was sure – that when I went to the doctor for the first time in two years, he was going to find I had one or all of the following:

Minor heart attack(s)
High blood pressure

Of course he found what he’d already found: My thyroid doesn’t function and, as it turns out, you really, really need your thyroid and should never stop taking your meds even if, say, your prescription runs out but you no longer have health insurance so you can’t afford to go to the doctor to get it refilled because you are afraid that even if you can afford to pay for the visit, if that doctor finds anything else wrong, when you do want to get insurance they won’t cover something that is a “pre-existing condition.” Turns out you shouldn’t do that because a non-functioning thyroid can lead to symptoms that lead you to believe you’ve had a minor heart attack, hypoglycemia, osteoporosis, high blood pressure or diabetes.

The other thing I learned was that there is a reason why Primatene Mist is being pulled off the market and should never be used as a substitute for your regular asthma medication, even if, say, your prescription runs out but you no longer have health insurance, etc.

So, other than the thyroid and the asthma, both of which are nothing new, I’m strong like bull – or I will be once the thyroid meds kick in. Don’t ask me how I managed to get through this year and still have normal blood pressure.

Probably all that steel-cut oatmeal.

Anyway, I’m doin’ a happy dance tonight and looking forward to, now that I’ve got my asthma meds, sleeping laying down rather than propped up.

End of medical post. As you were.


jagosaurus said...

Bless your heart (for real and not in the ass-backwards way I usually mean that). Sleep well. You deserve some good, restful sleep.

Janie said...


Glad you're okay.

Rest, chica. And kick that bad ass energy away from thyself.


John said...

I, too am usually lighthearted wehn commenting, but will depart from that for a moment.

FYI, Aetna (my employer) doesn't usually have pre-existing conditions clauses. Hypothyroidism can also anxiety. You can get cheap generic meds from Kroger/Smiths, Walmart, and Kmart, and I'm pretty sure they include some asthma and thyroid meds on those lists. Email me at if you want more info.

Gwynne said...

I'm relieved to know you've finally made it to the doctor, and that you're okay! I've also got the same list of concerns, and I dread going in after nearly two years. My excuse is much more lame than yours though. I don't want to know my real weight (in my mind, I still weigh what it says on my driver's license). My doctor is holding my thyroid rx hostage. Which is worse, knowing your real weight, or depression/constipation/heart attacks/diabetes/hair loss and dry skin?