Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The First Day of School

Oh, not you, Heir 2. I wouldn't dare make a fuss over your first day of school (though I'd like to point out that this was my last First Day of School...but that's okay, Heir 2. You go on your merry way, roll your eyes and give us That Look.).

No...it's The First Day of School for little John Boy Linguini who, dressed in his pink shorts, will attend Big Eddie's School of Gambling (I think that was the name...).

He looked so grown up heading to Atlantic City. I think he's staying at the Lombardo Hotel. You know the one -- it's under the bridge coming into AC. You know it's a quality place because there is a chipped picture from the 1940s painted on the sign and the lady in it is smiling. And sometimes there are laundry carts outside the rooms meaning sometimes they change the sheets!

So, study hard, John Boy and carry on the family's time-honored gaming tradition.

Remember your alma mater:

Dear, dear Big Eddie's by the Shore
Where we spent our hours on the floor
Dealing for Big Eddie ever more
Until Flat Faced Vinnie escorts us out the door.


Dark Garden said...

Hey... that sounds like a really good football cheer! Can I use it? The boyz play tonight! It sounds like the good ones they do over in England too! I can get the whole crowd doin' it in honor of da' pink shorts!

Sisiggy said...

With my blessing. I hope it will inspire them to as exciting game as I witnessed Saturday!

Trasherati said...

Aw, Heir 2 is da big boy now!

Sisiggy said...

Trasherati: ...or so he thinks.