Monday, September 01, 2008

The Denny's at the end of the Universe

...and we were there.

We were there with Dark Garden who, hopefully, will lend his rendition of this little excursion. This was a Denny's only Dark Garden could explain to effect.

No. No photographic evidence is available. All electronic equipment was drained of power the moment we walked into the dark, shadowy vestibule and heard a creaky voice rise from the skeletal being lurking behind the ancient podium and say, "How many in your party?"

I just want to say, I'm sorry, John Boy: We will never, ever, get Dark Garden back into a Denny's of any sort. I know, it's always been a struggle anyway and perhaps when we drove up the the dank, fetid cinder block building, we should have known to turn around and go elsewhere to clog our arteries. But I chose to see it as "Vintage Denny's" and put a positive spin on things.

But Dark Garden -- he knew. He knew like dogs know an earthquake is coming or New Orleans voodoo queens can smell evil. He was like Damien in The Omen just before they get to that church for a wedding. Remember that part where seconds later he's clawing at the car upholstery to prevent being taken inside?

Oh -- and John Boy? You would have loved where we went next: We went to a WVU soccer game where, after two halves of regular play and two periods of overtime; after everyone had melted into a puddle at the bottom of the bleachers thus providing the only liquid in the entire stadium because THE CONCESSION STAND RAN OUT OF WATER AT HALF TIME; all for a final score of 0-0! I can't tell you what a riveting game a score of 0-0 yields!

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