Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fruit! I must have fruit!...and other movie quotes

This week’s grocery store special was a BOGO blueberries and strawberries.

Yes, yes, fruit is very good for you and, yeah, we eat fresh fruit. But I also think of around January and February, when nothing is fresh and you have to resort to flavor-bereft forced fruit or the disturbing visual perfection/tastelessness of the imported stuff.

It’s sure nice to have captured in-season fruit at its peak realizing,
of course, that my personal drug mood-lifter of choice is food. If you require other more potent methods, I can’t help you there.

Taking into consideration the over-all glum mood usually wafting around in late winter, I freeze the fruit in a form most likely to get eaten, which is why I’m not just freezing a bunch of blueberries. Instead, I cook the blueberries it into a pie
filling that need only be plopped into a crust and baked, since that’s about as much energy I have when that stupid groundhog insists on sleeping late.

The strawberries I do just freeze whole since we like these in stone ground oatmeal, which is the cereal of choice in February because by that time we’ve embarked on our annual Lose That Sorry Fat Ass Get Healthy routine, which usually lasts until Rita’s opens again for the season.

I know most everyone is canning right now and I would be too, had I my canning stuff back. But it was among the few losses in the Event That Shall Not Be Named, since we could only grab so much out of two houses in three days. Fear not, though. At least we were able to salvage this:

Editor’s note: Don’t you all just picture me in my bathrobe, shuffling down the street dragging a kitchen chair, mumbling, “I don’t need one thing. Just this chair. This chair is all I need. And this. This head. This chair and this head is all I need…”

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Gwynne said...

"don't you all picture me..."

Well, I didn't before, but I do now, and I'm laughing hard. Do you also have a "thing" for phone books? ;-)

The berries look delicious!