Saturday, May 10, 2008

Pretty spiffy, eh?

Did I mention that the very day we had to flee Gnome Hill was the same day that Heir 2 had to take the SATs and that the following Tuesday he had to sit for his AP History exam?

Oh, and also? Today is prom.
Yeah. If they still made hair shirts, I'd be wearing one.

Yet, Heir 2 maintains his positive attitude and insists all this will work for all the essay questions on his college applications -- you know, where they ask you about your character because you know that only people with good character are permitted into this country's best universities. (That sound is me choking on juice.)

I think this shows character.

...and this.

This just shows he's a Linguini.


Dark Garden said...

The Snowz and I think the Waiter pic is da' bomb.

Jane G. said...

Heir 2 is the most awesome Heir 2 ever.

Gwynne said...

Is Heir 2 looking for a baby mama, by chance?

Trasherati said...

a HOT Linguini.

And I mean that in the most non-skeevy way possible.