Friday, May 09, 2008

More apple juice, please!

My New Workstation: from here will come enlightening prose of great insight and sensitivity.

My New Workstation: can you find the newly-added inspirational feature? (No, it's not Dirtman. Dirtman talks to himself when he works. He asks himself questions that I feel obligated to answer, even though I truly do not know, "Where the hell did they put that drainfield?")


That's right! juice... (ahem).

Am I down? Am I beaten? Hell, no!
It's Thai Noodle Night!*

*Don't tell me I'm spoiled. This morning I was so happy that we got back our old phone number from before Gnome Hill that the phone lady had to remind that it was, after all, just a phone number. I think she said this because my joy was so out of proportion with a new phone number she didn't want me to think I was getting anything other than that. Like free cable or something.


Gwynne said...

That apple juice looks like it was aged in some fine oak barrels.

Sisiggy said...

I drink only the best apple juice.