Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dark Garden is obviously obsessed by a little dog

I took this picture actually to see the daffodils, since any horticultural success on around here has to be documented, they are so few and far between. It wasn't until I downloaded the picture that I realized there was anyone other than Salt in the picture. So I'll clarify, in response to yesterday's comments.

There are only three real dogs in the picture:

Salt, of course:


And Zsa Zsa (whose ass Dark Garden described so lovingly):

Dark Garden was, in a way correct in that there is, though, technically, a fourth dog on the welcome garden flag:

And, of course, Gnat, who was a kind of afterthought:

As for under the doorknob, DG...I don't know what you're seeing...

WAIT! Now I see it!

1 comment:

Dark Garden said...

ROFL!!! Funny how my mind immediately said it with the Marley voice too.

To clarify... It appears that what is a complete ZaZa, appeared to me as two seperate dogs. That the pic did indeed give the impression that I can't be looking at one dog because said dog appears to be too stretched; so it might be prudent to think there may have been two dogs in that once section of picture.

The singular photo of the doorhandle, were you to move the scene lower, would show what appears to be the head of the mysterious fourth dog.

Submitted to you humbly here, I remain...