Monday, April 14, 2008

Highlights (for Linguinis)

There are three dogs in this picture. Can you find them all?

Bonus: Find Gnat the Gnome.

Points off if the only thing you notice is that my grass needs mowing.


Jane G. said...

I see TopperGetDown in the window and...someone in the doorway. Salt is, of course, front and center.

Dark Garden said...

I came up w. 4... Hear me out... Looks like Topp's ass at the top of the steps (literally 1/3 up to the right of the handrail... like the area-o-ass is observed on both sides of the vertical rail), but I realize he is also seen in the window.

Salt is Salt.

I think I see the head of the one-most-likely-to-be-kicked-in-the-head-by-Darkgarden located below the front door handle.

So... what can I say?...
Get a new camera!

Gwynne said...

I can hear Salt telling you to mow the grass from all the way over hear.

And it sounds like DG is seeing double.

Gnat is under the sign. What does the sign say, anyway? "Beware of gnomes"? Or "Keep off the gnomes"?

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