Saturday, February 02, 2008

I hear something is going on this weekend...

I have been informed that tomorrow is the Super Bowl. Each year this weekend appears as a blip on my radar only if the Redskins are involved and the locals enter into a period of temporary insanity, saying things like "I hope we will win" as though they'll be rolling around on the field getting pummeled into the turf. In those years, the Super Bowl become a minor annoyance, rather like a coming snow "storm" of anything over 2 inches.

Since the Redskins are not in the playoffs, Super Bowl Sunday doesn't affect me. If we don't have anything going on, Dirtman will probably descend into the Man-Cave and watch the game in the little box in the corner of the screen while he surfs the other channels for some enigmatic program that has yet to be filmed. Or an old Gunsmoke episode.

Sometimes John Boy comes over for the Super Bowl, in which case Dirtman will use the full screen -- maybe -- and John Boy will recite a litany of interesting (to him) statistics. Dark Garden hates football, so never shows up for these events.

Me -- I steer clear of the television for the entire weekend because I can't stand all the ads selling me crap "for the big game," not to mention the programs about the ads during the Big Game and the "news" stories about the ads during the Big Game. Then there are the pre-game shows speculating about what may or may not happen during the Big Game, as if it makes a bit of difference.

So I'll spend the weekend drafting a pants pattern (yet again), knitting on Evening Breeze, considering making this my next sewing project and this my next knitting project and listening to Diana Krall.

Sorry -- no beans this weekend either.


Meg said...

Sounds like you have your priorities straight to me! Thank goodness it will probably be too busy at my work on Monday for me to have to listen to much of that dreck. My coworkers are obsessed with going over and over all of the, what they term "cultural" sides of the game. Half Game Shows and commercials. Blech.

Dark Garden said...

It is with great pride that I announce I had no idea who was even playing in the Super Bowl this year! With not so great pride I announce that my boyz knew. Still... we will have it on.. if for nothing else, the commercials; because we all know we need to see yet more commercials on the boob tube.

Dark Garden said...

OH! OH!!! I just noticed your last sentence!!! I, at this very moment, have a historical pot o' (Boston) beans cooking comfortably in the oven!

Gwynne said...

I love that jacket pattern and the tank...sounds like a good way to spend a Sunday to me. I will similarly be working on several beading projects.

I especially "like" the news stories about the ads. These are even more useful than all the pre-game and post-game "analysis." I will admit to looking forward to some live blogging about the commercials. Of course, this might require actually watching the commercials which is hard to do without watching the game. We'll see.

Jane G. said...

The commercials were mostly dull and uninspired. The game was magnificent.

Sisiggy said...

Meg: See Jane's comment; now we know what to say when the conversation turns to the Super Bowl.

DG: I stand corrected. The familial bean run is intact.

Gwynne: Yeah, and Dirtman sent me articles recapping the ads (and interrupted by viewing of Quiz Show to tell me I could watch just the ads on My Space).

Jane: Thanks. You saved me three hours of viewing time.

Jane G. said...

The sad truth is that usually, the game is mostly dull and uninspired and the commercials are magnificent. So when in doubt in the future, assume that this is the case with the Superbowl.

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